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The ability to react quickly to an ever-changing environment is critical to long lasting success.

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Company leaders in the SMB space have come to realize the potential impact of data on ongoing business strategy. CERP gives you access to the data through a user-friendly dashboard. Reports can be generated and displayed or exported as needed. Reports generally fall into one of 4 categories as defined by the Harvard School of Business. 

Descriptive Analytics 

What’s happening to my business right now? 

By mining and aggregating raw data through a real-time dashboard, analytics, organizations are able to gain. comprehensive, accurate, in-the-moment analytics that can be helpful in identifying patterns of behaviour that might influence future outcomes.

Diagnostic analytics 

Why is it happening? 

Diagnostic analytics look at the past performance of campaigns and processes to determine what happened and why. It isolates all confounding information to identify an accurate cause-and-effect relationship.

Predictive analytics 

What’s likely to happen in the future? 

Statistical models and forecasting techniques can be used to predict likely scenarios of what might happen based on insights from data. This form of analytics can be used to support complex forecasts.

Prescriptive analytics 

What do I need to do to succeed? 

Prescriptive analytics focuses on what actions should be taken. Where data analytics can shed light on an area of business, prescriptive analytics gives you a much more focused answer to a specific question.

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