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Better management for your customer relationships

A true CRM is much more than the ability to “manage” your customers. The CERP CRM helps organizations turn identified targets into leads.

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What is a CRM?

The CERP CRM takes your leads and provides
the tools to turn them into qualified prospects.

Our campaign modules will then turn those prospects into legitimate sales opportunities and finally into Customers. Using industry tested and certified Sales Process Stages (SPS) organizations can accurately manage and predict sales pipelines, revenue growth and measure sales team’s success. CRM doesn’t end at becoming a customer, the CERP communication interface allows organizations to stay in contact, provide updates on available products and services and easy access for any support related activity.

Use our sales tools to help with every phase of the CRM process  

Lead Generation

  • Import contact lists
  • Activity tracking – email – SMS
  • Follow ups and reminders
  • Contact History


  • Account types
  • Identified Needs / business requirements
  • Decision making contacts
  • Industry verticals

Quote Tool

  • Part Codes
  • Inventory
  • Volume Discounts
  • Version Control

Opportunity Tracking

  • Lead Progression
  • Next Steps
  • Commit to Pipeline
  • Reporting

Pipeline Management

  • Sales Process Stages
  • Buying propensity
  • Pipeline reports
  • Forecasting accuracy


  • Win / Loss
  • Close %
  • Trends
  • Success Factors
  • Dashboards

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