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In the small and medium sized business space, organizations need to rely on many different applications to help manage their business. Analytics, customer management, e-commerce tools, and many more applications are often individual entities that businesses must juggle at once.

What if there were a way to integrate all of these
separate systems into a single application?

A single application that would easily display all key data, simplify work flow and as a result allow organizations the ability to make decisions that would enable them to optimize and grow their business.  

Crestline is proud to introduce CERP

Providing the power of a large-scale Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System, now designed for the small and medium sized audience.

CERP is a true Enterprise Resource Planning Application designed for the Small and medium sized audience that allows organizations to integrate separate data sources into a single application for Advanced Analytics, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales, E-Commerce, Customer Support and more.  

CERP allows organizations to worry less about Systems while providing the data they need to make important day to day business decisions. Our Unified Application Integration platform allows it to import data from different data sources including specific Line of Business applications.

As a result, it provides advanced analytical reports such as:  

Total cost of 
goods analysis 



Customer support 
ticket life cycles 


control levels 

Accounts Receivable
& Accounts Payable 

Ad Hoc

Plus so
much more…

CERP is currently in Alpha testing but dont miss out, sign up to get updates and an invite to the Beta when its available.

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